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Which are better Wood, Resin, Aluminum and Steel Chiavari Chairs?
Wood  chair has the lowest Price on the market but its quality is compromised, usually are produced with softwood, and this has nothing to do with the originals ones, therefore has low quality and durability, so they add metal reinforcements so they can counteract the low resistance and this does looks aesthetic.
Resin Chairs was the pioneers to replace the Wood ones, but does not look good and are not comfortable, another disadvantage is that any plastic tends to fade and dim with time and sun. Most resin chairs come with ensembles like the wood and therefore tend to loosen. Another disadvantage is the weight that has made them increasingly heavier to add reinforcements to trying to improve its durability.
Our Aluminum Chairs, are made of Pure Aluminum, the Quality of raw materials, it shows on the lightness of the chair and because of the durability of our chair, the others on the market are brittle due to raw materials used.
And the Steel chairs, is lower cost, and easily replace the aluminum chairs, our classic Chiavari chair made of steel Chiavari chair weighs only 10.6 lbs., and this weight of the average “aluminum” Chiavari chairs the competitors offer, the only difference is that steel Chiavari chair is recommended for indoor use only, the advantage of our steel chair is that is lighter than the Aluminum and resin chairs from the others in the market.  

Aren't all Chiavari Chairs the same?
All Chiavari and Versailles chairs are similar in design, “Chiavari” is the name of this chair style, also known as “Chiavari chair”, or “tiffany chair” but the main difference is the material and manufacture. We build only high quality Aluminum Chiavari chairs and steel Chiavari chairs.
Our main feature and benefit compared with competition is the high quality and durability of our Chiavari chairs:

  • Chairs 100% Welded
  • Eco-friendly
  • 7 year warranty: (
  • Lightweight
  • High Resistance
  • No maintenance required
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Premium UV Treated Paint
  • North American product, United states company
  • Shipped in one piece and ready to use


These benefits help your business to save money, this means a better return of investment in a short time, and more money earned for each dollar you have invested, because you won’t have to invest in maintenance, and you will save much more time to use to grow your business.

Where can I find the Cheapest Chiavari Chairs?
You could find cheap Chiavari chairs, but is not an actual saving, Cheap things can work out more expensive in the end, the low price is only at the beginning, because you will have to invest in maintenance, and personnel to make adjustments to the chairs, and make sure all the screws are tightened so your customers could seat and be comfortable without a chair that will be loose or cracking. We offer Chiavari chairs wholesale pricing too
We have unbeatable prices, because our business is help your business to save money, you won’t have to spend money to make adjustments to your Chiavari chairs, and the most important, you won’t have to purchase chairs again in years, because we offer 7 years of warranty, while the wood chairs offer usually 2 years warranty average, this demonstrate how sure we are about our high quality Chiavari chairs you will get the best Return of investment ROI.

“I have found an aluminum/steel Chiavari chair cheaper purchasing directly from China, why should I buy from The Chairville?”
We are manufacturers, our products are proudly manufactured in North America, with high quality raw materials, we are not only selling chairs, we sell products for a lifetime, we sell quality, durability and safe investments.
It is almost impossible to find quality Resin or wood Products from China factories only working on low prices because they don’t use good resin or wood and are not building products to USA or European standards.
High quality will incur in additional costs of production because making a good product requires using high quality material, a better workmanship, greater amount of quality processes, and the willing of the company of not selling a disposable chair.
The chairs that we sell cannot be compared with any product manufactured in china, because of all I mentioned before, we have to incur in additional costs that’s why it’s more expensive that the regular resin or Chiavari chairs, but wouldn’t you invest a few dollars more to get a high quality chair that will last for years that is guaranteed with 7 years? Or do you prefer to have the same purchasing investment within a few years and invest double.

How can I preserve my Chiavari chairs in the best condition?

  • Acquiring inventory to your business is an important investment; always invest in High quality products.
  • Protect your chairs with chair covers. This will protect the chairs from dust in the warehouse and greatly reduce damages and wear and tear during shipping
  • Do not stack more chairs than the recommended (7 Chiavari chairs) this will prevent a chair to fall and get damaged.
  • We also provide painting retouch kits so you will always have your chairs looks like brand new.
  • Using metal Chiavari chairs this will be the only to take on mind to have your chairs in the best conditions and have always happy and satisfied customers

How high can these chairs stack?

with our chair you  are able to stack chairs up to 7 chairs, this is about 6.9 feet’s, 7 chairs is what we recommend to stack, because the more chairs you stack is the more  likely the stack is to fall. So, good judgment must be made in consideration to the level of your floor.


Where do you ship?
We serve in all United states, we ship Chiavari chairs to Louisiana,  Kentucky, Oregon, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Connecticut,  Iowa,  Mississippi, Arkansas, Kansas, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia, Idaho, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Montana, Delaware, South Dakota, Alaska, North Dakota, District of Columbia, Vermont, Wyoming,  Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, Texas, New York,  Florida,  Illinois,  Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia,  Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey,  Virginia, Washington,  Massachusetts, Arizona, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Maryland, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Alabama, South Carolina, in US and also we sell Chiavari chairs internationally.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Our payment options are the following: Check by mail, wire transfer, direct deposit, Credit or debit card through PayPal (VISA, MasterCard and American express are accepted)

Where are these Chiavari Chairs made?
All of our products are manufactured in North America, with American raw materials and are mostly stored in our warehouse at Laredo, TX.

What is the approximate delivery time?
We request 4 weeks early order for most of our products

 What are the shipping costs?
Shipping charges may vary depending of the delivery Address, we work with several freight companies to provide you always the best option that help you to save money.

What are your prices?
We have very affordable Chiavari chair prices starting from $29.90 including cushions (2014). Please feel comfortable to request a Quote at, one of our Sales Executives will contact you in the next 24 hour to provide you the best business plan with the best ROI, ask for our promotions!

Do your products have warranties?

Thanks to the fact that we use only the highest quality materials on the market, all of our chairs are extraordinarily long-lasting. We are so sure of this that we offer a seven year guarantee
This warrants against defects in manufacturing. Please refer to

Will my purchase look exactly as it appears on the website? One of our sales executive can contact you to provide a free Chiavari chair sample so you can see the product before you take this important investment decision. The Chairville has made every effort to provide you with high quality images, product dimensions and descriptions of our products to assist you in making the best decision possible.


What if my order arrives damaged?
Working with best freight companies is our commitment to guarantee the best treatment to the merchandise. In case you receive damaged merchandise a claim will be submitted with the freight company or will be replaced and/or repaired at The Chairville discretion. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to inspect ALL shipments received by The Chairville for freight damage, any complain will be received only within the next 48 hours after delivery. Inspect the packaging of your pallets or boxes to find a possible damage. Failure to perform an inspection will result in loss of protection.


Does the Chairville sell only Chiavari chairs?
We also have wedding chairs for sale, Restaurant chairs and furniture, banquet tables, Chiavari barstools, aluminum barstools, metal bar tables for outdoor use and banquet chairs very soon.


Is the affordable Chiavari less comfortable than a classic Chiavari because it has one less cross bar?
The cross bar of difference doesn’t make any difference in comfort, the main difference is the size of the chair seat, because the affordable steel premium is less than 1 inch smaller than our classic Chiavari chair, that may cause a difference in comfort. Also that’s why the price it’s different (attached specifications of the chairs.

Should I buy resin Chiavari chairs or steel Chiavari chairs?
The Resin Chiavari Chair does not perform well on the Chair back durability test, it doesn’t holds up large quantities of weight. Resin Chiavari chairs have failed in chair backrest durability tests. Because resin chairs fail in this quality test process, we do not sell any resin Chiavari chairs. There is a High possibility that you will be unhappy down the road when their Resin starts cracking on your customers.
Resin Chiavari Chairs are typically held together with a lot of screws, the chair becomes wobbly quickly which furthers the cheap feel.
Also, the finish on the Plastic of the Resin Chiavari Chair is lifeless and there is no sheen because it is just the resin color and there is no finish like with a powder coating painted Chiavari Chair which should be rich and have gloss sheen. Also, the color of the Gold and Silver is not accurate because they are nothing metallic in the resin.
 With regard to cleaning and maintenance we like steel and aluminum Chiavari chairs better than Resin for this main reason: steel and aluminum Chiavari chairs can easily be touched up with a spray can and some sand paper no matter how dirty they get


Why is not a good option buy an assembled Chiavari chair?
 Since Resin and Wood Chiavari Chairs are built unassembled and then assembled there are lots of parts and screw caps that can go missing. Other companies that are selling wooden or resin chairs will ship the chair already assembled, however you will have to keep the chair in a good shape giving contact maintenance tightening the screws and making sure the chair is no loose before your event.
Also, is more probable that a Chiavari chair that it’s made of wood may break with any mistreatment, the regular life time of the cheap wooden Chiavari chair is less than 2 years based on our customer’s comments.