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Velcro Tie Polyester cushions
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Velcro Tie Polyester cushions

At The Chairville we know that one of the most important parts of having a good time is being comfortable, this is why we provide with a variety of cushions. These polyester cushions have Velcro ties that make them easier to attach to the backrest of the chair. 

Safe and long lasting investment.

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Vinyl cushion with velcro ties.

-High quality Vinyl fabric, wrinkle free.

-Easy to clean, dont yhave to deal with laundering linens

-Stress and tear resistant, Long lasting investment

-Vinyl doesnt fade.

-Cushions with High density foam - Not only the density is -important, is is also the resilence, our cushion quickly -recovers its shape, the foam is above the industry standards -and last over a year of constant usage.

-High quality Zippers.


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